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Why Soft Wash

The Big Differences

The Match Up: Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a better alternate to standard pressure washing. Our cleansing formula created, by SoftWash Systems, makes use of water-based, biodegradable chemicals to break down dirt,
grime, get rid of pest nests as well as webs. In addition, the system kills mold, mildew, algae and also bacteria on the many surface areas of your home – leaving them presentable and also disinfected.

Soft washing removes the bacteria that create discoloring while pressure washing just cleans off the surface layer. Additionally, soft washing does not make use of damaging high pressure, unlike pressure washing. Soft washing treatments last much longer compared to power washing treatments.

With soft washing from Eco Wash Clean Green, you get:

  • No harmful effects from pressure washing
  • No voiding your roof warranty
  • A process recommended by (ARMA) American Roofing Manufacturers Association
  • Results that last 4-6x longer than pressure washing
  • 100% kill ratio on all mold, mildew, and bacteria

Pressure Washing

Pressure or power washing uses force to clean a surface and remove molds, mildews, and other contaminants. The first problem with power washing is that it does not kill these organisms. It simply shears them off at the surface, allowing them to grow back thicker, stronger, and fuller in usually less than 6 months.

The second and most important problem with pressure washing is there is too much potential for damage. Stripping or scarring of delicate surfaces, blasting off protective granules on your roof, or peeling, etching and chipping the paint off your home are a few of the risks you can avoid with Soft Washing from Eco Wash!

Aside from these issues, however, there are times when pressure washing may be needed, such as:

  • Cleaning concrete and most flat surfaces (which we highly suggests you spray with a soft wash mix after to kill off the remaining contaminants left below the surface)
  • Paint Prep, in which you want to expose any problem areas
  • Where hot water may be required, such as tire marks, stains, oil, grease, red dirt, etc.

Surfaces We Can Soft Wash

Vinyl Siding

Soft Wash eliminates dirt & grime from siding, making it look brand new

Wood Decks & Fences

Prevent wood rot & other problems with Soft Wash Services from Eco Wash


Soft Washing gets rid of dirt, grime and build up on gutters with ease


Regular Soft Washing can extend the life of your Roof

Soft washing uses significantly less water than traditional power washing and comparable cleaning systems.

Soft washing is the green alternative to standard pressure washing.

The proprietary system of chemicals used to soft wash surfaces is gentle on plants and landscaping.

Since soft washing results last and last, this service needs to be repeated less often than power washing.

Don't Damage Your Home, Soft Wash It

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